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£8.00 / Coming Soon

We were asked by a regular customer if we could make a glowing Donut using our specialist glow material. The one they had was inferior and didnt perform to the levels they wanted.

So we have made a few up to let people test them for themselves.

These have continued to develop and we think we have it perfect now. Theres a killer Green that is super bright and our very own Cosmos so one for everyone.
Add cord to tie it onto a pack, slip it onto a strap or clothing. Theres no end to how these can be carried but if you want light, this is a fantastically bright addition and lot of fun!

Parents of autistic children may appreciate the glow due to the duration of the light it creates.

These products are handmade and a cast product. They may include small occasional inclusions like an air bubble, or raw back. This can be lightly sanded if you prefer. This does not affect the ability of the item to function.