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L.I Kneeboard Micro


The L.I Kneeboard Micro is designed to fit perfectly on our own wallets. Dont be fooled into thinking that they only suit our wallets. They will fit on a Stash-It, your pack, plate carrier or any other surface that has a velcro panel.

For those that want a plain version to slip into any of your gear, Stash-It, pocket or wallet, we do a plain version also!

You can lean on it to write, or use a chinagraph pencil to take an important frequency, distance, call sign, license plate or anything else you need a solid note of. Write what you need to keep and even take a pic to share silently amongst the team for reference.

Simplicity at its best.

  • L.I Kneeboard Micro (Plain) 93%
  • L.I Kneeboard Micro (Velcro) 100%