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L.I Personnel Marker Panel MK II

£8.99 / Coming Soon

Over Two years of development, extensive testing in many countries and a host of terrains has left us with this simple but effective L.I Personnel Marker Panel.

Day or night time signalling is possible in one compact package by the daytime Bright Orange panel, or with the night time visibility of the new addition of Cyflect tape in a triangular pattern for maximum attention and a real eye catching shape.

A host of other uses have been found also. Attract attention by waving, keep parties together by marking first and last man, leave as a marker flag, medical uses, as a camp marker and a host of other applications. Attaches to anything from sticks to Bergen’s with simple cord or a range of clips, even boot laces!

Let the marker indicate where you are by attaching to a stick or Bergen leaving you hands free to deal with injuries or simply to stay warm! Even peg it into the ground to mark a safe landing zone. Its one of the essentials you should never enter the back country without!

MK II Version uses Cyflect tape offering a night time glow marker as well as a reflective glint.

Supplied Vacuum Packed