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L.I Model II Knife 'The Rib Tickler'

£89.99 / Sold Out

Designed as a Last Ditch Knife and a Self Defense Tool nicknamed The Rib Tickler.

The sleek design, thick blade and strong tip make this a rock-solid reliable essential to serving military personel or PMC.

This was part of a long standing project to supply those at risk with a working effective back up solution. This exceeded all of those requirements. Simplicity is often the key. The perfect Companion Tool.

The coating is a Black Military Cerakote from RifleCraft in the UK. A certified centre for coatings. We only wanted the best, most durable coating to protect your tool and investment.


Overall Length: 240mm
Thickness : 005mm
Wide : 020mm

Two knives currently for sale are not cerakote, they are enamel coated.