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L.I Wookie Pouch MK II


The Wookie is a tough all purpose pouch or wallet. Measuring 4.5” x 3.0” with a central easy access zip, constructed from 1000D Cordura with the addition of a strong webbing loop.

The Wookie is the larger version of the Ewok but without the molle. Instead their is a simple hanging loop to aid in lanyard carry or tethered to your trousers belt loop for covert carry. The overall concept was designed to be stowed and allow a more comprehensive range of tools to be carried or simply stashed inside your underwear for a SERE / E&E / Survival pack. Its big enough to carry a large load while small enough to be stashed, secreted or stored anywhere you need. Even carrying your personal morphine vials.

No matter what line of work you are in the products suit CTR (Close target recce), EOD, Breacher teams, Snipers, SERE, E&E, Medics, Personal organisation (e.g Belt Kits), survival tools, food/hydration, compact personal wallets and covert carry. Designed for clothing tether, secretion in your underwear, lanyard neck carry etc.

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