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Law Industries Survival Straw

£3.00 / Sold Out

We sell a large range of products for water, solar sterilisation, tablet sterilisation as well as methods to hold and carry water. Both short term and long term.
The problem being, some people have said is accessing the water to reduce waste from spillage drinking.
Here we have a simple survival straw vac sealed in mylar to keep it clean and always ready for use. Tear open the pouch, place into the treated stand up mylar and pinch the top around it to hold it in place.
Once you are done, roll it loosely and place it back into the pouch.

This straw is designed to reach to the bottom of all of the mylar we supply as well as the water bags. This also allows you to get water from a stream or river if it has debris on top by drinking from below the surface if you know the water is otherwise clean. (Snow run off for example)

If you want to sterilise the straw we have top options:

Hot sterilise
Place in boiling water that is taken off of the heat source. Give it five minutes, allow to dry and pack away.

Cold Sterilise
Place in a bag with one litre of water and one Oasis water sterilising tablet, available in the store. Leave for five minutes and allow to dry before placing back into the pouch.

Food safe, non toxic material