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L.I Micro SERE Tool Pouch MK II

£3.99 / Sold Out

The Micro SERE Pouch is a fantastic item that has sold globally. Its simple, reliable and works perfectly. A case of 'Crude but effective thinking', with nothing that can go wrong.
A few customers asked for something for mini Bagota lock pick sets, Quick Sticks, EZ Decoders, or SERE V cutters.

The 'Micro Sere Tool Pouch' version of this was born.

Perfect to house all of the above and more on a keyring, alternatively add a neck lanyard or even a simple paracord tether to be hidden inside of your trousers, or it can even attached to your boot laces. There is a lot of options to carry or hide this pouch on your body or in your clothing.

We took a great product and made it even more versatile!

MK II Version has the addition of a velcro panel on one side for essential additions