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L.I Mini SERE Pouch Mk II

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Mini SERE Pouch:

This new Mk II Version is made from a laminate material with a new and improved velcro offering the same milspec grip you know and trust, with a quieter operation. The overall result is thinner, stronger and much more durable.

Designed to sit as an extra layer between your gear, 'Hidden In Plain Sight'. Seamlessly fits jackets, UBACS, Bergans, Helmets and a host of other gear due to the velcro on the back, while still allowing morale patches or bloods on the front. The velcro closure allows the pouch to safely retain your gear for SERE or Escape & Evasion (E&E)
Not to big. Not too small, it will hold all of the essentials. You can attach a lanyard for neck carry, or use the pouch still securely on the lanyard open so no gear is left on the floor if you need to move in a hurry. Hardworking and military tested.

Kit contents not included