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Mission (Intro)


The Mission (Intro) set is designed to give you a host of tools, in one easy to carry set using our very own Micro Sere Pouch.

The base that holds everything together is a screwgate wired safety line. Its the same as the ones used in the aerospace industry. This makes it durable as well as easy to add or remove tools if the need arises. Its certainly long enough to select a tool and use it while holding the remaining tools or letting them dangle clear.

Talking of important tools, we wanted to offer a simpler but versatile platform for a host of situations that you may encounter. This system uses our very own pouch so theres a silent method of carrying tools, as well as a velcro panel to hold the Mini Yoda. You can add another for more versatility or an alternative color if that is how you work.
The set comprises of an EZ decoder, Quick stick, Comb pick and a split pawl shim. Its versatile, light, easy to carry and can adapt to how you work.

The choice is yours but no matter what your day throws at you, its easy to carry and with practice, it will give you everything in an adaptable easy to carry solution to move around your environment quickly.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it....

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