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Ogun Firekit


Ogun, The god of fire and steel!

This was the inspiration behind this kit, making YOU the god of fire when you need it!
This tin is the best size for a pocket carry or to slip into a pack or chest rig. The tin is vacuum packed so its safe from whatever your day throws at you in any environment.
When you open it, there's a blade fitted to the lid to help you strike the firesteel or to use as a small saw if you need to trim some kindling down.
In addition, there's alcohol wipes which will catch the spark of the coldest of hands making a fast fire if you need it. Used with the supplied Tindertabs there's a perfect fire building kit, and the supplied firesteel is an extra large one compared to the other one we normally sell. This will give you have thousands of strikes for thousands of fires.

So if you need to signal for safety, get heat to survive or just find yourself taking a last minute night in the woods, the Ogun will make you a god of your own destiny.

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