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Original Fangs Limited Edition Run

£20.00 / On Sale

When it comes to making a space between you and a would be attacker you need something that acts as a forceful deterrent.
This Fang is a remake of the original version that does not set off metal detectors or close searches. This is a Limited Run of the original Fangs.

This product now ships with a simple slip sheath for IWB carry in case a rapid draw is required. Simply add the cord loop to your belt or belt loop, then tuck the sheath inside your belt or pants. When you draw the tool, draw in one single motion and the sheath will slip off and stay tethered allowing you to take direct action with any threat.

Additional sheaths available separately.

This tool is incredibly sharp and will easily puncture causing devastating wounds. It can be used as a deterrent, compliance tool and for situations where more force is required as a last resort option.

This version is approx 6" long and in a narrow and wider width to suit everyone.

  • Original Fang Jumbo Three Pack 100%