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Prayer Bead Kit


Leave Them Breathless!

Our Prayer Beads started by a customer challenging us to make an item as seen in a movie with Jet Li. Now there a host of clones of our beads using cheap paracord and beads.
We continue to use only our specially manufactured technora as a strong core you can rely on.

If You Know, You Know...

Each kit contains beads, cord and a breakaway to make sure its safe. You can assemble the beads to your own unique style and add additional customization if you want.
You can make it your way, to your size and customize it anyway you like! Add a talisman, lucky charm or other beads for a real one off!

Top Tip: Add a few drops of superglue to the cord end, when dry cut at an angle to aid in threading.

Some beads may need drilling to enlarge the hole. Beads are a natural product so colors may vary slightly.

  • Talisman Beads Mk I (Tiger Kamagong) 63%
  • Talisman Beads Mk I (Brown Round) Sold Out
  • Talisman Beads Mk I (Brown Disc) Sold Out
  • Talisman Beads Mk I (Palmwood Disc) Sold Out
  • Bayong Round Special Edition 100%
  • Brown Disc Special Edition 100%
  • Palmwood Round Special Edition Sold Out
  • Palmwood Disc Special Edition 100%