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Quo Metu Barbatum Beard Oil

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Quo Metu Barbatum
(Fear The Beard)

Most of the military has permitted beards and with it comes a host of conditions that makes a beard a tangled mess and you are mistaken for a Cro-Magnon. Hot desert environments, soaking wet jungles and wadis that need a bottle of bleach and a scrubbing brush are all going to have an effect on you, your skin and above all.. YOUR BEARD!
This is a manly beard oil, it’s not for hipsters in low slung jeans who think a beard is a clip on fashion accessory. This is a manly Beard oil for manly men who can shoot, use chainsaws, kill a deer with a thousand yard stare and light matches on their chest hair!
Our first Beard Oil is a calming and healing oil with a subtle hint of Sandalwood. Its designed to soothe damaged beards and the skin on your face from your busy day. Totally Natural ingredients, its going to offer relief and help restore damage skin and Beard.

Simple to Use: Apply a few drops of oil to your hands and massage into your beard and moustache.

(May contain Traces of Nut)
Currently Only Available to UK customers. US shipping to follow due to restrictions on fluids.

  • Calming & Soothing Sandlewood 30ml Bottle 80%