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Victorinox Knife and Sheath


Simple, reliable, effective and versatile.
That applies to the knife and sheath, add cord for a belt loop for a quick draw, add a lanyard for neck carry or just add it to your pack. You can even add ranger bands to carry extras or add a tighter retention. The choice is yours, but it will hold the knife no matter how much you shake it as it is.

This is designed to always be with you no matter how you carry or where you go.

You must be over 18 in the UK to purchase this item.

  • Straight Blade (Black sheath) 50%
  • Straight Blade (MTP Sheath) Sold Out
  • Straight Blade (Coyote Brown Sheath) 33%
  • Straight Blade (Coyote Tan Sheath) Sold Out
  • IWB Black Blade and Sheath Sold Out