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Yoda Marker Limited Edition


Yoda was the light of knowledge in the StarWars movies. With that in mind, we needed to supply a simple, waterproof marker for a group who needed something simple, but bright.

Measuring approx 40mm x 12mm each one is hand finished so each one is truly unique. No high gloss polishes to catch light during the day, just a simple pearl style finish to make each one bright enough to read a map by, signal, mark distance or pathways. A full military spec genuine velcro brand backing is applied to attach quickly and easily to your gear.

Hundreds of uses, and they are not affected by water, they dont need batteries and they are totally reusable. Just charge in any light! You could even carefully cut one in half and share it with your mate!

Yoda Mini is a new mini marker for a multitude of situations. They are compact, bright and just as reliable as its full size brother!

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