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Mylar Hydro Carrier (Water bags)

£0.35 - £3.50

Supplied flat, these pouches when filled with water form a stand up pouch holding around 350ml or 1 litre of water. The compact size makes them easy to carry, store, and use on the go.

We were asked for a reliable solution to the water problem that was not a bag. This was the best 5.1 mil thick item we could source. Tried, tested and reliable. Use, zip closed when you are done. Reusable over and over!

Can be filled with hot water for making meals, hundreds of uses including your own MREs. These can even be used to store electronics for water crossings, tinder, credit cards to stop RFID proximity scanning and much more.

Dont forget to Order Oasis Military Tablets for sterilising water!

If outside of the uk you can only order a maximum of FIVE mylar products due to shipping weight. If you require a volume of any mylar product please email using the 'Contact Us' page so we may assist you.


  • Hydro Carrier (Half Litre) 98%
  • Hydro Carrier (One Litre) 100%
  • 5 Pack Hydro Carrier (Half Litre) 97%
  • 10 Pack Hydro Carrier (Half Litre) 95%
  • 5 Pack Hydro Carrier (One Litre) 80%
  • 10 Pack Hydro Carrier (One Litre) 90%