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L.I Firefly Light

£6.99 / Coming Soon

Fireflys, one of natures little wonders were the inspiration behind these new additions. The ability to have controlled light for map reading, signalling or marking locations should never be under estimated. These little lights build on our other lights and are now even better. Brighter, longer lasting and they dont need batteries, ever! Did we mention they are not affected by temperature either?

Truly a handy versatile essential addition to any E&E or SERE pack, measuring in at a modest 40mm long they only ever need light to charge. Hundreds of uses from map reading to markers, and one additional feature we had reported back, tape it onto a fishing hook and the likes of cuttlefish and the humble octopus seem very attracted, as well as other specied from the ocean.

No batteries, no service required. O ring sealed container is glued shut to prevent any damage.

Limited Edition EXTREME:
Contains One Natural Firefly EXTREME light. Color is Yellow/Green and gives the brightest glow on the market with glow times between 18-24 hours. This is a limited run of the new material, other colors will be tested at a later date.

EXTREME firefly may contain inclusions as the materials settles. This can be small cavities or bubbles. This is normal and due to the size of the particles used and its settling during manufacture, this will not affect the ability of the product in any way.