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L.I Kneeboard Light V1.6

£4.99 - £8.50

Strictly speaking, its designed for any application of a compact, simple light source. These are not restricted to kneeboards, armboards or admin panels alone. The compact size is designed to work with all of your gear offering a simple effective, long lasting source of light for navigation, signalling, marking, guidance to a location or just finding your tent while out in the wilds.

These military spec glow in the dark panels are especially imported, but are flexible and credit card size so perfect for a wallet, survival pack or combining with your map to use later in the day in low light. Even in caves they offer a good spread of light for many hours. (Approx 12-18 hours in testing)

In addition these can be written on with a non permanent chinagraph pen to give you essential information you may require or simply notes for bearings. Once you are done, a simple wipe with a damp cloth removes the message, even licking it off if the need arose.

No batteries, they will charge in any light but sunlight is best, or a blast from your torch to conserve batteries will keep it running. Keep them in your wallet, in your gear or in your pack, but do keep them handy!

Hand made & Hand finished rigid light


  • Kneeboard Single 88%
  • Kneeboard Twin Pack 97%