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L.I Pick Pocket Mk 2.1

£3.99 - £14.99

The L.I Pick Pocket is a pouch was designed to use the simplest method of construction for a discreet carry anywhere on the body. Its big enough to hold a few picks and tension wrenches for a truly focussed set of Method Of Entry tools.

Eliminate rattle, jingle and bulk with this simple to carry pouch that is low cost but delivers high gain for covert work. Just in case you need to move as silently as the night.

The new version is made from a laminate material with a new and updated velcro for ultra quiet operation. This makes the overall product lighter, thinner, and more rugged.

(Pouch Only- Lock picks are not supplied)


  • Pick Pocket Single 56%
  • Pick Pocket Five Pack 82%