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L.I Notepad Light MK II

£3.99 - £18.00

When we were asked to deliver a light panel that would fit into a notepad, that had options for controlling the level of light so it could be used in low light or a night, and in addition be bright enough for signalling or marking, we knew we had our work cut out for us!

We have opted for a full milspec material to deliver the quality that people would like. In addition to a rigid material aiding you when you need to write on the notepad. Now we have designed this for the Field Notes, or Moleskine type of notetaking books as they seemed to be the most popular but this is designed to work with any brand.
The rigid board is 1mm thick, and generously sized at approx 4"x3" so its adaptable to a host of pocket sized carry pads.

You can write during the day with the light by your side to charge it up, and at night, or in low light this slips under the pages and glows from beneath to help you note take or read by illuminating the paper. No batteries, no chemicals.
If you need to adjust the brightness move the Notepad Light up or down a sheet or two and increase or decrease the glow.
In addition the light can be used to signal due the glow given off and remains visible for some distance in the open. This can be used as mentioned for signalling, or even to search a bag/room.

This whole package is versatile, adaptable and incredibly simple.


  • Notepad Light 87%
  • Note Pad Light Twin Pack 100%
  • Micro Lights (Offcuts) 97%