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L.I Operators Tool Roll MK II End Of Line Sale

£6.00 - £15.00 / On Sale

Having everything you need in one place, all the tools for a job at hand makes all the difference. The Law Industries Tool Roll makes that happen.

Genuine 1000D Cordura with all military spec materials and construction allows us to put the essentials right at your fingertips. Carry this tool roll on a lanyard, in a pocket or a host of other methods keeping the entire package to hand.

Sewn pockets keep your tools in place and organised how ever many shims, handcuff keys, EZ Decoders, Quick Sticks, Photon Freedom light or Mini Bagota Picks you carry.

Available as a plain option for your own tools or as a complete kit with tools provided.

Complete Kit Also Includes The Following:
L.I Operators Tool Roll, Universal Handcuff Key, SERE V Cutter, EZ Decoder, Quick Stick, Stainless Steel Split Pawl Shim, Straight Shim.


  • Black Tool Roll Only 42%
  • Black Tool Roll (Three Pack) 75%