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L.I Stash-Its 6x4 MK II

£9.99 - £39.99

Measuring in at approx 6”x4” and made in a UK factory to full milspec, the 420D material is sewn and finished with fully taped edges. This is more than just another bag, it’s an essential accessory for military, camping, foraging, Search and Rescue, medics and anyone else who has lots of small items they need with them, that could easily be lost.

The perfect compact medical kit for your own daily meds, or a compact medical kit small enough to throw if needed, collect spent brass, a glasses case, fire kit, or simply carry boiled sweets or snacks. Use a Stash-It as a dust cover for your helmet mounted camera, Go Pro or Rifle Scope. Create a slimline navigation kit or GPS cover while Geocaching, even carry your OP notebook and writing tools.
Roll the top of the bag down to form a catch tray when cleaning your rifle or pistol to avoid losing small parts.

On the go in a hurry? 'Stash-It' in and everything you need will be their when you arrive!

We use 18” of genuine 550 paracord to allow you extra length to tie a Stash-It onto your belt as a dump pouch or tie it to a tree to keep food away from camp. Use the paracord to make traps or shelters and keep the outer sheath to close the bag. The ITW Nexus parts wont fail at any time. Once the bag is closed, its held tight.

Whatever you have, if you need it and its important don’t just stuff it in a bag or pocket. STASH-IT!

In the wilds there are no second chances to organise your essentials!


  • Single Black With Velcro Panel 100%
  • Black With Velcro MultiPack 5 Sold Out