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CPR Face Shield


Sometimes your protection when saving life has to come as a thought before it is required. With this CPR face shield, you can open it up to prevent cross contamination and still give life saving medical CPR.

A patient with blood in the mouth, or in a region known to have disease can be a problem to give CPR too. This is why this single use shield will protect you from potential infection by blood or saliva. It is designed to act as a full barrier between your mouth and that of the patient. You can give CPR exactly the same as before but nothing can be passed to you while performing this life saving treatment, even if the patients coughs.

You can assist in medical treatment while protecting yourself from harm.

A transparent plastic film containing a one way valve allows expired air ventilation for a safer and more effective method of resuscitation. The film acts as a barrier to help prevent infection during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Features a one-way valve for your protection from blood and other materials giving CPR.


  • CPR Face Shield 63%