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Mini EMT Trauma Shears


Mini is Mighty!

Thats certainly true of these shears which are just as capable as their bigger counterparts. Why are they so good? Simply put, they tuck in behind your pouches on a plate carrier and sit with a lower profile for less snagging. Easy to grab and just as effective as the full size version but a smaller more compact overall package.

Why is having shears so important?
To explain this, it comes down to unknown injuries especially from trauma. Its easy to see a bone poking through skin and clothing but items like shrapnel are far harder to see. The fastest way to assess a person is to cut all of their clothing off and to look for points of bleeding. These shears mean you can cut through a shirt and plate carrier from the side in one. Right from the ankle of trousers (Pants) all the way up and through the belt. Ideally you want the patient to be sitting in boxer shorts or bra and knickers once cut out of clothing to see what is happening. You can then decide to remove that underwear accordingly. A strong visual onto the body in next to no clothing is the perfect way to check for injury even if the patient is conscious and feels fine. If you find blood, check them.

Ideal for cutting bandages, tape and clothing as well as an assortment of other materials including cordage. Contoured polypropylene handles provide maximum control and comfort, 140mm long with safety tip to prevent injury. High quality stainless steel for a solid clean cut.

Not classed as an offensive weapon so certainly not going to cause issues.

Handles are Black


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