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Lock Pick Pen MK III


Crafted from the finest grade steel these Pens hide an incredible Lock Pick Set. The set comprises of assorted picks and two flat tension wrenches. Simply bend to shape when you need it most. You can minimise the picks you carry if the need arises and refine to just rakes and tension wrenches if you prefer. Carry these your way!

Hidden inside a Sharpie Marker pen it looks and almost feels like a regular pen and will write for a short time. Press the nib to a working sharpie to recharge the ink.

This new design kit welcomes back the return of our Lock Pick Pen kit we designed and released eight years ago! If you truly want the best and most versatile pickset hidden in a pen then this is the Original and Best set available.

To open this pen is very simple. Grip the grey body of the pen with the tip facing upwards. Gently press your thumb against the black body just under the nib and it will release slightly. You can wriggle it free from here. To close, make sure the picks are fully seated and press the tip section down firmly. Replace the cap.
If the nib dries out, you can press it against a working sharpie once more and it will draw ink into the nib.


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