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Mission (Impossible)

£49.99 - £54.00

The Mission (Impossible) set is designed to give you a host of tools, in one easy to carry set.

The base that holds everything together is a screwgate wired safety line. Its the same as the ones used in the aerospace industry. This makes it durable as well as easy to add or remove tools if the need arises. Its certainly long enough to select a tool and use it while holding the remaining tools or letting them dangle clear.

Talking of important tools, allowing you to get into or out of a host of situations, we started these off with a Dog tag sized saw with lock picks. Next up is a standard shim, as well as a split pawl shim. We then combined that with a comb pick to give you a full set of options.
How do you build on that?
An EZ decoder and Quick Stick is the answer, which was then expanded on with a set of jigglers making most office locks, padlocks and security boxes a simple process to get into. Finally, we added a Sere V cutter allowing that final flurry of usefulness.

We have a steel option and a Titanium option for those that prefer a few of the tools in this fantastic material. The choice is yours but no matter which option you decide on, its easy to carry and with practice, it will give you everything in one easy to carry solution to move around your environment quickly.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it....

Tools may be replaced with alternatives if not available in stock


  • Mission (Impossible) Full -Steel 68%
  • Mission (Impossible) Full -Titanium 32%