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I.W.C Innocent White Card

£0.50 - £3.50

Its Innocent, its white, but its not a card. That is to say its credit card sized, but its a flexible plastic not card.
It can sit in your wallet, you can write on a phone number or address as a business card even meeting point, or any critical data you want.
You can even shim open a door with it, thats the real value, or trim it down with a knife and you have a shove knife.
We have added a template for you to cut one corner into shape to get you started.

Innocent, easily missed, but versatile and adaptable if you need something.


  • I.W.C Single Sold Out
  • I.W.C Multipack (Five) Sold Out
  • I.W.C Multipack (Ten) 48%