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Urban Sweep Survival Kit

£15.99 - £50.00

This is an upgrade from the standard Urban Survival kit.

This one comes with Two Quick Sticks and Two EZ Decoders housed in a real leather pouch. Its professional, wont attract attention and easily moved around with your regular gear.

The Survival Kit PLUS has a set of Lock Picks included and they are available in Stainless Steel which is a very popular model in our range, or Nano Titanium for those who like something smaller and more refined.

You can expand on the kit with shims if you wanted too but as it stands, these options provide a large scope of tools for a variety of scenarios no matter if that's office, transport or on the go in a changing environment during crisis.

As a suggestion, a Mini Shove Knife Bypass Tool teamed with this set would offer an ultra compact set of tools to move freely around should the need arise.


  • Urban Sweep Survival Kit 100%
  • Urban Sweep Survival PLUS (Picks Steel) 60%
  • Urban Sweep Survival PLUS (Picks Titanium) 75%