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ST6 - Seal Team 6 Recovery Kit Rev III (Advanced)


Seal Team 6 Recovery Kit:

This new and improved kit contains all of the components specified for a Seal Team 6 member. Typically packaged in a covert case, this kit takes all of those components and houses them in a double weatherproof seal. We only utilise the finest quality genuine components to bring you this kit.

Upgraded ST6 Kit Contains: Vacuum Sealed then mylar sealed for weatherproofing, Saw Blade, Improved firesteel, Ceramic Razor, Three bobby Pins, Straight Shim, Handcuff Key, Grade AA Compass with GITD markings, Large Cord 6', Medium Cord 6', High Visibility Marker panel, Quick Stick, EZ Decoder

Law Industries Mini SERE Pouch is no longer included. This has been replaced by an alternative solution, vac sealed and then sealed in mylar


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