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ST6 - Seal Team Six Recovery Kit MKII


The growing popularity of the Seal Team 6 (ST6) Kit led us to look at each component carefully and see if an alternative improved product was available.

Thankfully very little had to be changed but the carry system also has had a distinct make over. The new upgraded kit is housed in a vacuum sealed bag that makes it airtight and watertight. This is a tough package and you can throw it into a bergen or pocket, even your plate carrier and always have the essential tool kit to hand.

Two versions are available. The 'NM' is a non metal version leaving out the coated stranded wire in favor of a length of Micro Cord. The 'M' version is the ultra tough coated wire. The 'NM' version is more friendly towards metal detectors and offers an easier to work cord instead of a wire for trapping for example when hands may be extremely cold or wet.

New Kit includes: Vacuum Seal Bag, Saw Blade, Improved Firesteel, Handcuff Shim, Ceramic Razor, 14mm Sere Button Compass, Bobby Pins, Universal Handcuff Key, 2"x2" Silver Marker Panel, NATO Mini Lightstick, 24" Spec Cord, 48" Micro Cord (NM) or 24" Coated Wire (M)

Final package can be obtained in either a clear vacuum seal pack, or a black resealable pack. Please select which option suits your needs best.


  • ST6 Recovery MK II (NM Black) 40%