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Velcro One Wrap


Official Velcro Product.

This product is made up of low profile VELCRO® Brand hook and low profile VELCRO® Brand velour loop bonded back to back making a very slim wrap-around fastener – it is incredibly versatile and easy to use, simply cut to the length you require and wrap it around the items you want to secure, when the ONE-WRAP® tape overlaps itself it will grip to create a reusable fastening with excellent sheer strength that remains easy to peel open.

This is the same tape we sell with our kneeboard notebook holders and can be used to secure hydration tubes, cabling for comms, webbing ends and a real host of other applications including the lids of survival tins for the added security.

Length is per Handy Foot


  • Black One Wrap Per Foot (20mm width) 68%