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EOD Robotics Breacher Bar Titanium


What does every one need?

A slab of pure titanium for all of those jobs where you need to poke, prod, pry and tease things! You can add a cord wrap, a simple one or a more elaborate version if you need it. You can even grip tape it if you want to keep it simple.

The large bar is 8.5" long and you can add the pommel to this version only
The medium bar is 6" long and just as versatile as its full size counter part

The pommel is made from titanium and will only fit the large titanium bar. Its fitted with two grub screws and requires a hex key to fit it to the bar.

We do advise that you do NOT attempt to anodise titanium with a gas flame as it causes weakness in the material. Heat treat or anodise of titanium should only be done in a vacuum oxygen depleted chamber.
Pommels are sold individually

  • EOD Breacher Bar Large Sold Out
  • EOD Breacher Bar Medium Sold Out
  • EOD Pommel (Titanium) 33%