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L.I SERE Covert Patch Pocket MK II.I

£4.99 - £24.99

This is designed as a layer between your gear and a flag/patch of your choice. Most people would opt for a nations flag. A simple pocket to hold and hide E&E or SERE essentials.

Hidden In Plain Sight is our aim, and our overall goal.

Once again we have taken something that is simple but manufactured in a UK military factory to offer you the highest quality milspec product. This product has a high quality central layer to offer a strong bond for the velcro and aid in the camoflage of the pouch contents, we do not simply sew velcro to velcro that will tear apart and let you down.

Large enough to hide a simple escape kit, shims, ceramic razor, or cuff keys. A more substantial kit could be used instead. It goes where you go, on any of your gear. Everything is held inside with a slit in the velcro meaning nothing can be accidentally lost when attached.

Now releasing the Mk II Version, stronger and thinner to help blend into your gear easier. The additional rounded corners further blend the item into existing kit.

New Version measures exactly 3"x2"


  • Mk II Black Single Sold Out
  • Mk II Black Five Pack Sold Out
  • MK II Multicam Single 67%
  • MKII Multicam (Five Pack) 100%