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TourGuide MK III

£11.99 - £15.99

TourGuide Mk III

This was designed at a request of a Search & Rescue Team Member. It offers easy navigation with a laser etched map scale for distance. It also houses a choice of compass, Military grade or our very own SERE compass.
For lighting we have a simple replaceable chemical light offering hours of light, as well as a reflective marker on the back that also can glow in the dark.
Why not team it with a lanyard so you can wear it like a dog tag and have it on you where ever you go?

You could team this with our very own Tin O'Lights to house spare lights too.

Do Not Use The Bit Holder on tight Fittings! It is designed for adjustments or to fit/remove various fixings not assemble your latest ikea wardrobe.


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  • TourGuide Black SERE Compass Sold Out