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Mylar Stash Pouches


A range of pouches are on offer allowing you to create or build your own customised systems to suit your needs. Pouches are puncture resistant and made with food grade material so they can be carried in numerous ways, even next to the skin without fear of a reaction.

These pouches can be sealed at home easily with an iron on a low heat setting. (You can use hair straighteners to seal these, especially those with ceramic plate)

Small Black Pouch: Approx 3.75”x3”
Large Black Pouch: Approx 6”x4”
Seals at the top. Ziplock resealable and is airtight as well as water proof once sealed.

As well as being suitable for carrying food items like snacks, condiments etc. These ziplocks, at 5.1Mil thick are also able to take electronics to keep the weather out. You can even store Flash Drives in them in a cache, pocket or bergan for river crossings etc. If you need it dry, then these ziplocks will keep the weather out and the contents safe.
Mylar can act as an RFID barrier and even protect cell phone connections for security.
Can be used to RFID protect bank and credit cards, phones and other electronics.

If outside of the uk you can only order a maximum of ten mylar products due to shipping. If you require a volume of any mylar product please email using the 'Contact Us' page so we may assist you.

  • Small Black Ziplock 83%
  • Large Black Ziplock 82%
  • 5 Pack Small Black 65%
  • 10 Pack Small Black 77%
  • 5 Pack Large Black 67%
  • 10 Pack Large Black 66%