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Law Industries Heliograph


One of the oldest methods of distance communication in one form or another is the heliograph. Its been documented in ancient Greece and has been used by military, surveyors, tribes and many more for hundreds of years. It fits neatly into a pocket, pouch, SERE kit, E&E kit or your survival gear.
We strongly recommend carrying this device on your person incase you lose your gear or have to abandon it.

This is a signal mirror yes, but its got more to it than just a mirror. This laser cut heliograph measures in at 3.5" x 2.5" with a 10mm hole in the centre for sighting. Its important to note that a heliograph can be seen for ten miles so aiming the reflected beam at a persons eyes can cause damage so its not recommended.

Method One Static target
To use this device hold your arm out straight and make the 'V' sign around the target you want to signal too. Now hold the mirror up a short distance from your eye so you can sight the target through the hole. Tilt the mirror to reflect the sunlight onto your fingers, this means your target is seeing the flashes from the sun.

Method Two Moving Target
This is for moving targets like aircraft. Tilt the mirror so you can see the light on the ground, hold your arm out making a 'V' with your fingers again. Tilt the mirror and the 'V' of your hand to come up to the target you wish to signal too.

You can just hold the heliograph by the corners and flash by pointing and praying but results can be a little varied. Its worth practicing before its needed.

You can also use the mirror for personal hygiene reasons to look at your face if you become injured while escaping and evading.

This device has a protective film over the reflective surface to protect it from damage while not in use. You can add cyflect tape to the back to add a reflective glow as well as night time signalling. This option is available with your order

  • Heliograph 85%
  • Heliograph Three Pack 100%
  • Heliograph Twin Pack With Strips 90%
  • Heliograph Cyflect Strips x2 90%