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Law Industries Limited Edition Glass Breaker Bead


Tungsten Carbide is an incredible material and almost as hard as pure carbon diamonds. So here is the Mk II bead available as a stand alone bead for your own projects or with shock cord ready to go.

We have been asked for modified glass breakers for some time and everyone needs something with just that little extra tweak to their own preference. So here is the easiest way to help you get exactly what you need. There is three feet of military grade shock cord with the bead already attached to make everything really easy for you.

You can make it into a wrist carry, lanyard carry or stow it on your gear with a weave for load carrying until you need it.

If you aim at people it will cause severe damage, breaking glass can cause shards so please be aware of eye protection.

  • Glass Breaker Kit MK II Black 80%
  • Glass Breaker Kit MK II Coyote 100%