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Law Industries Le Shiv Titanium Edition MK II

£20.00 / Coming Soon

Last One , plus get one free

Hidden In Plain Sight

MK II is lighter and also available in different colors

That has always been one of our important goals in everything we do.
Now we present a Sharpie Marker with a hidden extra. A defence tool that really will prove effective if you need it in a tight situation.
Pop the cap off and go to work.

Want to lose the item fast? Throw it away or slip it into a pocket or bag. Perfect essential for the whole family, even for the ladies!

So what sets our design apart? We made these items at the start for a three letter agency and we have continued to develop these making them even better. We use aircraft grade Titanium all the way through the Shiv so its strong, reliable and wont break the pen body during use. There has been many tests on shivs from many companies and ours have always come out on top.
The reason? We make them stronger, of the highest grade materials and our point choice is made not to be cosmetic, but to be destructive to the target. We actively choose to cause them maximum damage, maximum pain and that will encourage them to cease any attack. Don't underestimate this type of tool, it will cause carnage to the human body where ever it makes contact and the wounds inflicted can be devastating.

Do NOT attempt to disassemble these items.
Made with Aircraft Grade Titanium from a military supplier.

Colored versions are random, if you would like a specific color please add a note to your order and we will do our best to match it.