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Death Skull Mala Prayer Beads Bone & Horn


Leave Them Breathless!

Our Prayer Beads started by a customer challenging us to make an item as seen in a movie with Jet Li. Now there may be host of clones of our beads where they are using cheap paracord and beads. But if you want the best, you know where to get them!
We continue to use only our specially manufactured technora as a strong core you can rely on with incredibly high quality beads in a variety of materials.

If You Know, You Know...

Each set is handmade! Each Set is different!
No adjustment is needed, you can use them the moment they arrive.
Rapid deployment when you need it silent. It really takes your breath away...

The original and still the best beads, individually handmade by people who care about your safety.

Beads will be black or brown depending on what is available, this is due to the material being bone or horn

  • Mala Prayer Beads Bone Special Edition Sold Out
  • Mala Prayer Beads Skull & Wood 20%