We Are Back Everyone!!

SERE Covert Patch Pocket Kit

£17.00 - £24.99

Hidden In Plain Sight is our aim, and our overall goal.

We are using our very own SERE Covert Patch Pocket as the foundation for this kit. It has an incredible proven track record in the field and its a perfect start point. We wanted to offer these kits in a few formats you can build on to cater to how you work. Cover with a patch to complete the Trojan Horse effect.

The foundation of the system is the Multicam Patch Pocket with varying tools.

Two universal handcuff keys allowing you to put one in the Patch Pocket and one hidden elsewhere on your person. We have added a split pawl shim to this to get you out of methods of detention.

Building on the Escape kit we have Two universal keys, a split pawl slim shim, a key style split pawl shim and a 10 or 14mm compass. This will get you out and allow you to navigate effectively to put distance between you and your point of detention.


  • MK II Multicam (Escape) 86%
  • MKII Multicam (Survive) 95%