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The Baron Band


We were asked to make a wrist band that gave excellent grip for two purposes. The first, "Leave Them Breathless!" The second was to offer a friction saw in a slightly shorter package but ones that can be worn anywhere and is easily ignored.

So here it is, The Baron wrist mounted band that has two incredible toggles to sink into your fingers for that grip when you need to apply motion or 'pull firmly' and not have any issues.

The final version has a plastic clip as a break away and clasp to hold the cord together on your wrist. Just wrap one end around and clip it to the other. Wriggle your wrist and it will settle in place. If you clip the knurled ends in opposite directions it wont rattle or knock.

Friction saw and the ability to 'Leave Them Breatless'


  • The Baron Band MKI.I 100%