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Compact Firesteel


At just 3.0" long its hard not to find some where to secrete this new addition. The new and improved firesteel is 3.7mm in diameter and offers more strikes for a longer product life. The slight increase in thickness prevent the accidental strike and snap common with cold hands in emergency situations.

Easily hidden in a boot lace, behind a buckle or even in a shoe. Make this the essential part of your Urban Survival Gear to go with your pack, SERE or E&E kit.

We strive to continue to find better products to improve our product range. We consider this an important upgrade that we wanted to offer to aid in the preservation of human life when you need to rely on your gear.

Price increases were held off on this item on the last to restocks. We have sadly had to put the price up to fall inline with the further increase rise in supply costs.

  • Standard 20%