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Law Industries Survival Water Carrier MK II


Supplied flat, these pouches when filled with water form a stand up pouch holding water safely and securely. The compact size makes them easy to carry, store, and use on the go. The ziplock keeps the water in and the dirt out so if its clean, it stays clean.

You can treat the water with Oasis, as supplied in the store, or solar sterilise. To do that you need to leave it in bright sunlight for a few hours. On a typical day of moderate sun this can be 6-8 hours, in desert sun less than two.

These are made to our specification with certified food safe materials, theres a larger outside seam for strength, clear for checking water quality and solar sterilisation and made to roll into a compact size for pockets, survival packs or emergency set ups.

Dont forget, if you have an extra one it can be used to gather tinder and firelighting materials if you need to boil the water. Having additional dry firelighting materials can be a real asset in the field.

Dont forget to Order Oasis Military Tablets for sterilising water!

Limit of any mylar or water carrier to non uk customers is 10 due to overall shipping weight


  • Survival Water Carrier MK II One Litre 32%
  • Survival Water Carrier MK II Half Litre 62%