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£0.45 - £2.50

The need for reliable Tinder for a fire is sometimes just best planned for in advance. These inexpensive TinderTabs are a great alternative for a simple, fast lighting reliable fire.

"Tease Them Apart, Drop In a Spark"

If the weather is not so windy or the kindling is dry then simply cut them in half to double the available tabs. Great for EDC carry, an addition to survival tins or any firekit!

Larger packs can be vacuum sealed to remain waterproof until required. Small packs are a great addition to survival kits, or a simple pack to keep with a brew kit, just in case!


  • 5 Pack (Survival Kit Size) 77%
  • 10 Pack 95%
  • 20 Pack 92%
  • 50 Pack Loose Bag 87%