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Oasis Military Water Sterilising Tablets

£0.35 - £1.40

Current Expiry Batch 2026/2027

Oasis Water Purification Tablets are used by all the leading NGO's as part of their emergency response. Treatment with Oasis Water Purification Tablets is especially important at the beginning of an emergency when longer term solutions maybe some time away. Oasis Water Purification Tablets are effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and water borne diseases. Each strip contains 10 tablets, each tablet is 8.5mg. Dated with long expiry

To use, simply add one tablet to one litre of suspect water and wait thirty minutes. The treated water will then have the World Health Organisation's recommended dosage of 5ppm available chlorine (5mg chlorine per litre of water).

1 tablet purifies = 1 litre of water

EDC Pack: Available as a pocket pack of two strips of tablets, with Stash Tube for your own survival kits, or for EDC Carry. Simply use the tube to hold the tablets in a more compact water proof package.

Non UK countries can only order 5 packs, if you need more please email so we can work out if it will fit the package. This is due to the changes in the mail system. We will help you get what you need.


  • Single Pack (10 Tablets) 71%
  • EDC Pack 93%