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You can never predict when things will take a turn for the worst. You can however plan for when that happens and have options available to you to resolve those issues.

Our SERE kit offers a host of tools to cope with many situations and they can be used alone or together to further extend the resources you have.

Everything is packed into our very own Ewok or Wookie Pouch and Vac Packed to keep it dry and protected for when you need it.

Contents include:
Pouch, Firesteel, Signal mirror with Solas backing, two handcuff keys, ceramic razor, Grade A Compass, EZ Decoder, Quick Stick, 8' Cord, Chemical light, Tindertabs, Medical wipes (Flammable)

  • Ewok Pouch SERE Kit 90%
  • Wookie Pouch SERE Kit 80%