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Tinderbox MKI

£2.50 - £6.50

Simple things that fit in pockets will always be carried.

So here we have the new 'Tinderbox' which is light, easy to carry and you can reuse it as often as you need by refilling it. It contains 12 of our incredible Tindertabs and a firesteel to get a fire going where ever your adventures take you.

The TinderBox is housed in a plastic reusable case so you are always ready at a moments notice to drop it in a pack or pocket and head out. The entire pack measures 1.5" x 2.5" so its compact and easy to carry.
Combine with our Tindertabs Refill pack and you will have enough for an entire summer and well into the autumn, hiking, canoeing, running or camping.

Never leave home without it!


  • Tinderbox MkI 86%
  • Tindertab Refill Bag 100%