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Bug Off - Anti Bug Pocket Candle


There is nothing worse than a invasion of little flying stripy bastards ruining your day!

No matter if that's in your hammock, cooking by the camp fire, sitting in the garden or taking a break for a brew in the wilds. Winged invaders sadly are every where. Some bite, some sting, some do both and to add to that they can carry a host of problems from disease to infection.

So we made these to help keep you off the menu!

Light one of the wicks and let the candle burn to keep the bugs away. Once its gone out, you can wait to light the other half until they begin to return, usually quite some time after the candle has gone out.

The perfect addition to your essential EDC, medical or back up gear.

This formula deters the vast majority of biting and stinging winged insects.

  • Medium EDC Sold Out
  • Large EDC 60%
  • Jumbo (3 Wick UK ONLY) 100%