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Easy Stash Survival Pack MK I


There's very little needed to survive when things go wrong, and its about making the right decisions to improve the situation. You need shelter, fire and water to improve your personal health and that helps make the right decisions by staying warm, hydrated and allowing you to take stock of the moment you find yourself in.

We designed this Easy Stash Pack to stay as flat as possible but offer everything you need to make improvements to your circumstances when the unplanned happens.

First of all everything is packaged to sit any where in your vehicle like the glove box or discreetly in your pack so you always have it with you. Its as flat as we can make it so you wont notice it unless you need it. For your pack you can slip it in with the hydration bladder and its safe and secure out of the way.

Everything is supplied in a large heavy duty ziplock bag. This protects everything, as well as offering a storage bag when you use the contents or you can use it as an additional water bag.
For hydration, inside the outer bag are two packs of Water sterilising tablets for the hydration bags. You dont need to open the remainder of the package to get access to fresh clean drinking water. Thats up to 20 litres of water to get you started in potentially five bags!
Two of the hydration bags are mylar ziplock that you can stand up, two are clear ziplocks. This is important! If or when you run out of sterilising tablets, you can use the sun to sterilise water in the clear bags and decant it into the mylar. You can continue to produce sterile clean drinking water using the sun.

For shelter, we have supplied a survival blanket to help retain body heat or be used as part of a shelter to reflect and contain heat. Its packaged in a plastic ziplock bag.

For signalling we have a few options. First off is an incredible whistle that really pumps out the decibels and will carry sound for quite a distance! Next up we have a signal mirror, and on the reverse Cyflect tape to offer a reflective signal for low light and a light for you as it will charge during the day if you leave it in sunlight.
As an extra useful addition we have added 8 feet of cord, a saw blade, a compass and a Fresnel lens. The perfect additions for navigation, firelighting etc.

Now on to the firekit. There are two five packs of our very own Tindertabs to get a fire going. You can use them as they are or with the supplied alcohol wipes to get the tiniest spark into a fire quickly when you need it. There is also a jumbo firesteel in this set up and two blades to help you as a striker. (Or use the saw blade)

Every little set is in a bag so as you use items and progress you can keep everything clean and dry. Nothing can be lost or hard to find.

Everything works together to develop solutions to the problems in a survival situation. Everything is also self contained so it cant be lost or misplaced.

Customized kits to your exact specification can be made, please email for details.

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