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L.I Type 'D' Lights


The ever popular and still sought after original L.I Tin Lights proved that people like simple products that work perfectly. So now the Tin Lights are back, slightly bigger and brighter than ever before!

You cant turn a chemical light off, you cant reuse it either. This is where our Tin Lights and the new version the Type 'D' really stand out.

To turn it off, put the lid on!
To re-use it, just give it light!

Recharge it over and over, it wont ever fail. Save critical battery life by charging the Type 'D' light maximising available light from ten minute burts from a flash light, giving you hours of glow!

Early adopters get a discount, regular price £7.99

  • Extreme Green Type 'D' Sold Out
  • Cosmos Type 'D' 67%
  • Type 'D' Multipack (5 Assorted) Sold Out